Cheap Dog Shock Collar Review

Cheap Dog Shock Collar Review

Dog Shock Collar Review- The Best Buy For Your Money


Hey there. In other post i talked about the upcoming review of a cheap dog shock training collar. Here is the review. At the beginning  i thought to make a lengthy and full of explanations report. Then i thought ” hey,  people don’t have so much time like you think”. So the review of this shock training collar will be technical and brief, with a lot of self explaining pictures plus video.  If something is not clear enough, i will be happy to answer your questions via the comment box. yes, i have it in my possession and started using it to train my dog. Ok, let us start.


This dog shock collar is my recommendation in my Complete Buying Guidedue to its under 100$ price, acceptably good quality, features, color, etc. Did i tell you its cheap? :-)



1. 500m range

It stands up to the test of 300m mixed terrain. Good, they did not lie.

2. Remote beeper

Perfect extra, i don’t use it for now though as intended. Instead i have it with me and beep the dog to come to me, when i don’t want to shout. From other manufacturer only the price of this gadget is twice the price of this whole pack

3. Waterproof design

Yes, check video with my dog bathing at the sea. Still haven’t tested the transmitter but handled it many times with wet hands at the beach without any problem.

The collar itself is made from polyurethane which in USA is called Biothane. And yes, the Chinese polyurethane collars are same quality as the expensive Biothane ones, so stop wasting money. Very strong , easy to clean and waterproof. No smell, bacteria or mud, i use only this type nowadays.

4. Fluorescent color

Very cool and safety color, dog collar is visible from a mile

5. Small size

Rather than small i would say normal, but as you can see from the pictures  it easily fits in my pocket, without any danger of pressing a button by accident, due to the good design and button placement

6. 9 sounds

Very nice feature, the sound are audible and clear, considering the small size of the beeper. And the best of all is that the beeper has 3 functions. Two of them is to hear what the dog is doing and the third one is a locator function.Means that you press a button and the collar emits a sound, cool,now we can find the dog in total darkness

7. 9 levels of vibration

Useless function, i put the level to 9 and teats it.

8. 9 levels of shock

Mild to medium, valid for all dog breeds and personalities.Yes i test them on myself, from 1 to 9. One is like a spark from piezoelectric lighter, you feel it but it doesn’t hurt. Three is like- “Hey, you have to pay attention”. Level 9 is like a pin prick . Hurts a bit for a second.

Bottom line is that it works and will not hurt or damage the dog . It is good for any dog, I use level 3 with great success. My dog is too crazy for level one.

9. Very light

polyurethane collar- 80g



all together with collar-190g


Pretty good result  there. Even a small dog will not be bothered. I am talking about Small dogs not Toy dogs obviously!

10. LCD display,buttons and plastic

Very good and easy to understand. Buttons and plastic are rubberized. Like at the very expensive dog shock collars. Perfect quality for the money.

11. Lipo batteries powered

Use it from a week and everything holds charge. Of course depends on the use. By the way the transmitter goes in standby after 2 min, so good battery life, but have to be prepared if you would use it as it takes like 3 sec to wake it up. Stays paired, so no problem with this.

12. 2 sizes of electrodes, long and short

Perfect. I have an English Foxhound and started with the short ones, but after a day changed them with the long electrodes. Now the result is consistent.

13. Test Bulb

Good for testing. I don’t use it, instead i like the vibration for this purpose.


Dog Shock Collar Review Score: TOTAL 9 (from 10max)


While it holds up well to what is stated, its not a perfect product like a shock collar worth 500$, nor it has the same warranty. Hence the price. Even so, this is the best buy considering its value. I would recommend that product over and over again to my friends.




/all prices are including shipping costs/

1. If you live outside USA or simply want the BEST DEAL ever, Ali Express is the answer. This is the best vendor with good feedback and the price is 76$ at the time of writing.

2. If you live in USA, i recommend Amazon.This is the best  place to buy it due to its strict seller  policy. Again the seller is checked by me for good feedback and has the lowest price. They have 2 listing with slightly different price,  90$  and here for 86$

3. The third place to buy it is from Ebay if you feel more comfortable there. Check  this seller , i bought mine from  there exactly. No duty fees from China, as they state it as a present. Check my pictures. Usually takes 15 days.

If by any chance he doesn’t have one, you can contact him, he is quite kind and speaks good English . It took me a lot of fiddling to find the way how to find the exact item at ebay

Video of the cheap waterproof shock collar in action
second half shows my dog at the sea with it:



Pictures of the dog shock collar reviewed:






7 comments on “Cheap Dog Shock Collar Review

  1. Robert on said:

    Hi Boyan, I purchased this dog collar and it is quite neat and easy to use. I have not used the sound portion yet, but I have used the vibration and the shock. My concern in regard to the Shock function. I first tested it on myself and I have to admit it hurt and was more than uncomfortable even at the lowest setting. I could not possibly endure the 9 setting. I progressed higher and the intensity increased. I then thought perhaps my dog with its fur and Hyde is able to handle much more shock than I so I administered the lowest setting on my dog. The reaction was a yelp and a jump into the air. Therefore, it was clearly not just me and there might be something wrong with the device. Any suggestions because I would like to be able to effectively and humanely use the collar? Thanks for your help….Robert

    • Hi ,
      the 9 setting is quite a shock, even for me. i agree that its not good to endure it. I use 1 to 3 on my dog. And about the jump, yes my dog jumped the first times i used the collar. Its more from a surprise, than from the shock.Even now jumps sometimes. As i said before, most important of all is to use it at the moment when the dog is in doubt. if you miss that moment, believe me even the 9 settings doesn’t stop my dog.
      In fact i use the collar only to correct the most unwanted behavior. The most correct thing is to put the collar in 1 and put the dog in the situation you want to correct. Dont forget to praise the dog after the shock!

      • PS. May be i am not very sensitive to electricity or my skin is thicker and not so conductive. Anyway, everybody should check if the levels work ok. Its better at the back of the palm, at the palm hurts more.

  2. Interest article. I also use a shock collar with my dog. He’s a pit bull mix. I think not only was it at a bargain it worked perfect for my needs with my dog. To help change some of the negative behaviors that needed addressed.

    In your article you mention things about the use and quality of shock collar with remotes.

    What I can’t get over it people putting the actual collar on to test the shock levels.

    Whow, that’s crazy, in my opinion. The shock are usually not enough to harm you. In fact, you can;t feel if it’s just in your hand.

    • Good that the dog collar worked for you. All people and dogs have different sensitivity, so that is why there are different shock levels. Shock collars don’t substitute personal care and training though. They are not an universal cure. The dogs should know what we want from them, before we correct it when needed.

  3. yvon malette on said:

    question i very interested but i like to know when the receiver is full charge how many hours is good for using. because me that for my hunthing dogs sometime they go hunt for 5-6-9 hours but i used only wen i want to catch at the end hunt and sometime they are close i need the shock. that mean i just used 5 to 10 minutes you think that pettaineris is ok waithing for your answer thanks advance the beagle man yvon

    • Hi,
      the shock collars stay charged for days. A days hunt is no problem. You use it for seconds, not minutes, unless you use the beeper during the hunt to find where the dogs are. Other thing is that the dogs better should know before and be accustomed to follow the hunt routine. This they should learn by praising by you. My dog for example, when starts the days is full of energy. Before chasing, he looks for an approval at me. If i miss the moment to tell him not to chase something, the shock collar doesn’t help once he starts to chase. Other use i suggest is to teach him to come by the beeper signal and generally to teach the dogs to maintain certain distance and not to go further. There are many ways you can use the shock collars or teach dogs, its up to you.

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